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“DEMOKRITOS” and MORO GLOBAL collaborate for the growth, promotion, and capitalization of technology innovation.

“Demokritos” National Centre of Scientific Research (NCSR), Greece’s leading research centre, and MORO GLOBAL group of technology companies with operations and business presence on 3 continents, are announcing the signing of a Strategic Partnership Framework Agreement aiming at growth, promotion, and capitalization of technology innovation. The main purpose of this collaboration is to decisively contribute to bridging the gap from Research to Market.

The implementation of the strategic partnership will include and monitor the 5 main phases of the innovation life cycle (Innovation Lifecycle: Research | Develop | Innovate | Grow | Evolve) following the state-of-the-art framework introduced and implemented by MORO GLOBAL internationally. NCSR “Demokritos” will focus on the first two phases (Research/Develop) and MORO GLOBAL group of technology companies on the other three (Innovate/Grow/Evolve).

As part of their strategic cooperation, the two partners will soon proceed with the design, preparation, full development, and operation of the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North AtlanticDIANA, under the auspices and funding of NATO. The main objective of this first activity is to substantially help and support innovative enterprises focusing on defence and field security applications such as artificial intelligence, data, biotechnology, quantum computing, aerospace, and advanced materials.

The cooperation of the two organizations was officially launched on Wednesday, February 1st at the headquarters of NCSR “Demokritos” in Athens. The meeting was attended by Marios Papanikolopoulos, CEO of MORO GLOBAL together with executives of the group’s companies, as well as members of the Innovation Office of NCSR “Demokritos” who will be involved in the implementation of the collaboration.

George Nounesis, Director & Chairman of the Board of the NCSR “Demokritos” commented:

“The high-tech business innovation accelerator is a strategic priority of Demokritos to capitalize on research results, with more than 45 companies hosted in the Lefkippos Technology Park and new building facilities already under construction. We are excited about our collaboration with MORO GLOBAL, which highlights the international dimension of the venture. Our expectations are high, especially for DIANA and the NATO INNOVATION Fund that will finance start-ups with dual-use technologies, for the defence industry and for political applications, given that for the first time an international VC arrives at the doorstep of Greek Research Organizations.”

Marios Papanikolopoulos, CEO of MORO GLOBAL stated: “MORO GLOBAL actively seeks to foster innovation in different business sectors by leveraging its core competitive advantages, experience, and expertise, in a flexible, practical, efficient, and sustainable way. In this context, it is a key pursuit and great pleasure for us to contribute to the vision and work of public and private organizations that revolve around technology and innovation. I am confident that our collaboration with NCSR “Demokritos” will leverage and make the most out of technology innovation, both at a national and international level, as it will bring the world of research and entrepreneurship together in the best possible way.”

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