The Institute of Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology conducts research and develops technologies in the areas of quantum computing, quantum information processing, quantum cryptography, low-dimensional quantum devices, quantum sensors and cryogenic electronics. It aims to promote high-level research and innovation in its areas of interest for the benefit of economic growth, security and society.

The Institute emphasizes both long-term basic research and applied research through the implementation of targeted research and technology projects. At the same time, it participates in relevant calls for national and European competitive research projects and cultivates cooperation relationships with international research and academic organizations.

At the same time, it plays an active role in the education of professionals and new research potential by participating in postgraduate programs. It also attaches particular importance to its cooperation with national agencies and organizations as well as companies by securing significant funding. Finally, emphasis is placed on the exploitation of research results as well as their general diffusion to the economy and society.


Panagiotis Dimitrakis


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