Process-oriented Learning and Information eXchange


Acronym: PROLIX
Title: Process-oriented Learning and Information eXchange
Status: Completed
Funding Organization: European Union

FP6-IST-027905 (IP project)



Leader in charge: D. Pappa
Start Date: 01.12.2005
Duration: 48 months

Summary The objective of PROLIX is to align learning with business processes in order to enable organisations to faster improve the competencies of their employees according to continuous changes of business requirements. PROLIX will significantly contribute to the change management within companies that needs to develop into a holistic learning organization enabling the integration of learning into the daily working tasks. Corporate culture requires the provision of strategies, methods and concepts to satisfy heterogeneous learning needs. Mechanisms and concepts for the organizational introduction of TEL in corporations have to be co-ordinated with its philosophy and company vision.

PROLIX develops an open, integrated reference architecture for process-oriented learning and information exchange. PROLIX supports a complete learning process life cycle, namely:

  1. the analysis of complex business situations;
  2. the identification of individual and organisational learning goals;
  3. the analysis of competencies and their matching with individual skills;
  4. the definition of appropriate learning strategies and the simulation of competency-oriented processes;
  5. the execution of improved learning processes;
  6. the monitoring of learners’ performance according to the goals defined.

In order to demonstrate its concept, PROLIX set up test beds in different fields of application (government, healthcare, publishing, banking). NCSR “Demokritos” envisages an extension of the solutions and services developed in the framework of the PROLIX project, as well as their customisation and adaptation to the specific needs of the Greek business sector and public administration.