Acronym: The ReAAL Project
Title: REAAL – Associated Greek Pilot site
Status: Active
Funding Organization: EU
NCSR D / Role: Partner of the Greek consortium for the Pilot site
Leader in charge: Homer Papadopoulos
Start Date: 01/3/2015
Duration: 12 months

Project Website:



The ReAAL Project


The open platform of the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) market promotes a set of applications and services for those people who wish to be able to avoid dependency on nursing homes and preferring to continue to live actively and independently in their own homes. The uniqueness of these open AAL platforms is that its products and services are more affordable, future-proof, adaptable and accessible than similar ones and at the same time leading to a great self-emerging AAL eco-system, as societal trends show.  The end-users (i.e. elderly people and people with disabilities, their caregivers and family members) benefit from it by making new solutions affordable, simple to configure, personalize and deploy.

UniversAAL aims to produce an open platform that provides a standardized approach making it technically feasible and economically viable to develop AAL solutions. The platform will be produced by a mixture of new development and consolidation of state?of?the art results from existing initiatives.

NCSR “D” and ReAAL

NCSR “D” joins the ReAAL family as an associated pilot site and will mainly perform the customisation and the "universAALization" of the proposed RemindMe and Health-Tracker Apps.

NCSR “D” as the largest research centre in Greece will participate in this pilot project with DAT division and IIT Institute having the role of the technology expert and providing its own infrastructures to support the pilot phase. NCSR is participating in many EU funded projects that concern AAL and ehealth technologies coordinating among the others the FP7 project. Of course becoming a member of the REAAL pilot concept is something that will extend more its expertise and know-how

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