Agia Paraskevi, 22 August 2013 

Joint European Symposia on Magnetism
(JEMS 2013)


Joint European Symposia on Magnetism (JEMS 2013), the traditional meeting place for distinguished scientists who present state-of-the-art research and advanced discoveries in the field of Magnetic Materials, will be held in Rhodes, Greece, Rodos Palace Hotel between 25-30 August, 2013.

JEMS 2013 provides a vehicle to exchange of ideas, techniques, experiments and applications in the exciting and rapidly developing field of Magnetism. This conference welcomes a new breed of scientists and engineers who offer novel ideas and future directions for the Magnetic Materials.

JEMS 2013 is a commemoration of magnetism advances in Europe and worldwide. It hosts an extraordinary gathering of the past, present and future magneticians who offer a unified approach in the assessment and management of magnetic materials from nanostructures, to N(M)EMS and bulk macroscopic materials associated with various applications such as sensors, energy and environmental applications, biomedical applications and the environmental risks that may be associated with the use of Magnetic Nanomaterials.

JEMS 2013 participants meet also to consider social/ethical implications of Magnetic Nanomaterials; explicate related legal, business and intellectual property issues that influence transition from research to reality; and identify priority areas of research and development that are considered to have the greatest contribution to society, science and industry.

The opening lecture will be given by Prof. A. Fert, Nobel Prize winner in Physics 2007.

Organizing Committee:

Dimitrios Niarchos, NCSR Demokritos - Chairman
George Hadjipanayis, U Delaware, USA - Co-Chairman
Orestis Kalogirou, AUTH- Co-Chairman

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