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Athens, Thursday, September 27, 2012

NCSR “Demokritos” participates in “Researchers’ night” 2012 event


NCSR “Demokritos” participates for the first time at the “Researchers’ night” event, the largest pan-European festival of science and research, with eight innovative research projects. This yearly event takes place on the last Friday of September and aims at giving the public -and in particular, young people- the opportunity to meet researchers within the context of festive and fun activities and to highlight the appeal of pursuing a research career.

This year, the event will be held on Friday, September 28th, from 6pm to midnight, and will be hosted by 32 countries in 320 European cities. In Greece, “Researchers’ night” 2012 event will take place at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens (48 Vassileos Constantinou Ave., Athens).

NCSR “Demokritos”, the largest multidisciplinary research center in Greece, will present a representative part of its innovative research projects in the fields of computer science, environmental science, biosciences and advanced materials.

“Demokritos” researchers will use a “flying” train that floats just a few centimeters above its rails in order to provide evidence of the ability of a superconductor to levitate above a material that is permanently magnetized. At the same time, computer and telecommunication scientists will demonstrate a human-robot interaction system that enables the robot to communicate orally, as well as the “gov.insight” application that processes data from open government initiatives.

“Demokritos” scientists that conduct environmental radiation research will perform radiation measurements in food, environmental materials, etc., while informing the visitors on ways to protect the population and the environment against radiation pollution. Meanwhile, scientists pursuing bioscience research will introduce the visitors to their groundbreaking findings that apply to medicine. The first group will explain how aromatic plants can effectively act as natural insect repellents and how these repellents can evolve into an important weapon against infectious diseases, such as malaria, West Nile virus, etc. The second group is studying the mechanism of action of opioids and will present the results of their research on new nonaddictive analgesics, while the third group will illustrate how vitamin D can protect renal cells under normal and diabetic conditions.

Furthermore, “Demokritos” scientists will attempt to familiarize the visitors with the cutting-edge scientific research that is conducted at the Center in the field of nanotechnology. Causing a nanostructured surface to vibrate, the visitors will explore the piezoelectric phenomenon by observing how environmental mechanical vibrations are converted into electrical energy.

“Researchers’ night” 2012 event in Athens is organized by the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF), in collaboration with the British Council in Athens and “Researchers’ night”, one of the EU's most popular initiatives that aims to bring the general public and researchers closer together, is funded by the EU's Marie Curie Actions.

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