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Athens, 21 May 2012

Development of a Cost-Efficient Environmental Policy Tool for Air




A new environmental policy tool for the reduction of airborne particulate matter (PM) in the atmosphere is being developed by N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, in collaboration with the University of Thessaly, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Axon Envirogroup Ltd and the Technical University of Crete, in the framework of ACEPT-AIR project, co-funded by the European Commission (LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance programme). The tool includes databases for the concentration and chemical speciation of PM10 and PM2.5, obtained both by previous measurements (historical data) and sampling campaigns implemented during the project, as well as source apportionment results and emission inventories. Based on these data, the tool under development provides the means to estimate the changes in PM10 and PM2.5 ambient concentration levels achieved through the implementation of specific control measures or due to emission changes (targeted or economy driven). In the framework of the project, demonstration activities on the tool’s operation and capabilities have been planned for local, regional and national policy-makers. The final objective is the use of the tool by relevant authorities for the quantitative assessment of current and planned mitigation measures, leading to the development of a cost-efficient environmental policy for the control of particulate matter air pollution.

The project runs through its second year of implementation and will be completed by 2014. There is already a growing interest for the exploitation of the policy tool and its results by a number of stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, local and regional authorities (e.g. Coalition of 21 Local Authorities of North and East Athens, The Municipality of Thessaloniki and Prefecture of Magnesia and N. Sporades) and the Association of Motor Vehicles Importers – Representatives. The Coalition of 21 Local Authorities of North and East Athens is a member of the Global ICLEI local Governments for sustainability Organization. The project’s first informative meeting for stakeholders was held at the cultural centre of the Municipality of Chalandri, on Wednesday December 14th, 2011. The event was organized by N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” in collaboration with the Coalition of 21 Local Authorities, in the framework of a set of activities planned by the Coalition concerning the development and implementation by the member-Municipalities of strategies aiming to raise public awareness on environmental issues and to improve the citizens living conditions. Representatives of the above mentioned stakeholders, as well as of other Municipalities of the Attica region, participated in the meeting, during which the project’s main objectives, different actions and initial results were presented. The presentations were followed by an open discussion with the audience regarding the practical use, the flexibility and capabilities of the policy tool, with respect to the specific needs of the different stakeholders.


First informative meeting for stakeholders on 14/12/1011


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