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Athens, 04 April 2012


European Network for Advanced Research on Olfaction for Malaria Transmitting Insect Control
Coordinator: Professor Kostas Iatrou


ENAROMaTIC develops a novel, highly effective, environmentally responsible repellent against the malaria mosquito vector, Anopheles gambiae.

Health authorities in many nations are unable to control the spread of malaria due to increasingly ineffective and sometimes inaccessible drug treatments, lack of usable vaccines, and growing resistance of the mosquito vector to existing insecticides.

The European Network for Advanced Research on Olfaction for Malaria Transmitting Insect Control (ENAROMaTIC) is a multinational, multidisciplinary consortium of researchers at the forefront of modern insect control product development. The consortium is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration activities in order to develop novel products that block the transmission of malaria.

ENAROMaTIC has sought to interfere with the cycle of malaria transmission from mosquito to human by blocking the mosquito’s ability to detect humans in the environment, thus preventing the infection of humans with malaria. ENAROMaTIC’s product development strategy is in accord with increasingly stringent European and global regulations and addresses the public’s concern regarding toxic insecticide use.

These efforts have resulted in a novel, highly effective mosquito repellent that has demonstrated comparable activity against Anopheles gambiae to currently available repellents, including DEET. ENAROMaTIC’s repellent is an environmentally responsible and highly effective product derived from natural compounds and sustainable sources. The repellent has been proven effective in controlled field trials in Africa and is now ready for large-scale commercial development. This novel product is effective not only against Anopheles gambiae, but also against a wide variety of blood feeding and biting insects.

ENAROMaTIC is pleased to announce the availability of production licenses and encourages all interested parties to contact the Project Coordinator for further information.

Contact: Professor Kostas Iatrou
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