Agia Paraskevi, 12 April 2011 

"Exploring Business Opportunities on Digital Energy Systems"

N.C.S.R. "Demokritos"
8 June 2011


The LPCSSE at the IPC of NCSR “Demokritos” is organizing a seminar for business people on recent developments in energy efficiency devices and renewable energy. The aim of this seminar is to present and explore business opportunities on digital energy systems including electric mobility. Digital Energy Systems™ are the analogue in energy efficiency and energy access to the communications revolution that has overcome tradition in commerce and politics. Digital Energy Systems will serve all of society, but through serving microsociety with reduced dependency on macro-grids. These systems will be based on local power generation and management (prosumerism). Renewables will be the essential generator. As well as being the structure for an energy efficient Western society, DES are the ideal means by which energy will become available to the 3 million underprivileged people and is the natural approach to energy for Digital Man.

Leading experts from industry and the professional research community will present the latest developments in the field and discuss the possibilities of consortia establishment (in Europe, USA, Asia) and projects implementation, directed to generating IP and pilot scale production.

The seminar is addressed to both individual people and companies. Attendeed (who must first sign a NDA) should have the potential and interest/capability to invest in applied product development in the next generation of energy efficiency, delivery and storage.

Date and Place of the seminar: June 8th 2011, NCSR “D”

You can download the seminar program here.

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About the Lab: The Laboratory of Photoredox Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (LPCSSE, headed by Dr. Polycarpos Falaras) at the Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC) at NCSR “Demokritos” is collaborating with leading Industrial (Dyesol Ltd, Elmarco, Greatcell s.a.) and Governmental Research Laboratories (Oxford-UK, Cambridge-UK, Ecole Polytecnique Federale de Lausanne-Switzerland, Heyrovsky Institute-Czech Republic, Technion-Israel, CNR-Italy, Upsala-Sweeden) in the frame of the SANS (Sensitizer Activared Nanocrystalline Soalr Cells)/FP7 research project on the development of 3rd Generation Photovoltaics. The new technology (now under practical implementation) aims at delivering nanotechnology based molecular photovoltaics using biomimetic principles. The new low-cost devices present exceptional long term stability and produce reliable and affordable solar electricity (under all light conditions) and can be integrated in buildings.


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