ENVironment National Contact Points working TOGETHER to improve their effectiveness


Title: ENVironment National Contact Points working TOGETHER to improve their effectiveness
Status: Active
Funding Organization: European Union




Leader in charge: N. Kakizis
Start Date: 21/11/2008
Duration: 60 months


Summary As National Contact Points (NCPs) are the main partners for communication with the European Commission concerning executive matters and links the scientific communities, a good functioning of this network is vital for a having high quality project proposals submitted under further calls.

This project is a set of coherent activities and tasks that will gather Environment NCP from EU member States and Associated States with the main goal to improve their services offered to potential proposers and to support integration of Environment NCPs from International Cooperation Countries with important research potential, where NCP or similar networks were established for dissemination of information on FP 7 were already set up.

The main outcomes will be:  
 a) strengthened cooperation between NCPs across Europe by setting up new and effective communication means, 
 b) increased quality of services offered by NCPs to proposers with the aim to increase number and quality of project proposals submitted in response to FP 7 calls for proposals, and c) integration of other non-EU NCPs into the EU NCP network in order to increase mutual advantages for research and technological development between Europe and International Partners Cooperation Countries.