Water Detoxification Using Innovative vi-Nanocatalysts


Acronym: Clean Water
Title: Water Detoxification Using Innovative vi-Nanocatalysts
Status: Active
Funding Organization: European Union

ENV NMP - 227017



Leader in charge: P. Falaras
Start Date: 1/6/2009
Duration: 36 months


Summary Innovative nanostructured photocatalysts and corresponding continuous flow photocatalytic-disinfection-membrane reactors for sustainable and cost effective water treatment and detoxification can be developed by using doped TiO2 nanomaterials with visible light response. The new technology exploits solar energy, recent advances in nano-engineered titania photocatalysts and nanofiltration membranes for the destruction of extremely hazardous compounds in water. To this aim, the UV-vis responding titania nanostructured photocatalysts can be stabilized on nanotubular membranes of controlled pore size and retention efficiency as well as on carbon nanotubes to achieve photocatalytically active nanofiltration membranes. Specific target pollutants including cyanobacterial toxin MC-LR and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC) in water supplies as well as classical water pollutants such us phenols, pesticides and azo-dyes can be efficiently decomposed. The scale up of the photocatalytic technology and its application in tanks and tap water for public use and consumption is ongoing.