Hear Me, Feel Me


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In a sentence: Can we support visually impaired elderly daily routine?  
Web-Site: http://ttuki.vtt.fi/hmfm/index.html  
Identifier: AAL Joint Programme, AAL-2008-1
Duration: 24 Months
Project Overview: The HMFM project deals with the chronic condition of vision impairment. Different degrees of vision impairments are inevitable results of growing old, as the physiology of our eyes changes with time when the eye tissues lose their flexibility and suffer from damages caused by everyday life, different health conditions (such as diabetes or blood pressure) and gravity.

The possibilities to prevent vision impairment with technology are very limited, but there are promising possibilities to support the visually impaired elderly in better managing their everyday lives with the help of modern information and communication technology.

HMFM explores the possibilities for improving the quality of life by providing mobile service access for the visually impaired elderly using services related to medication and medicine related information and services, and health monitoring and diet information.

Leader in charge: S. Thomopoulos