Handovers for Ubiquitous and optimal bRoadband connectIvity among CooperAtive Networking Environments


Title: Handovers for Ubiquitous and optimal bRoadband connectIvity among CooperAtive Networking Environments
Status: Active
Funding Organization: European Union

ICT- 216006



Leader in charge: K. Kontovasilis
Start Date: 1/1/2008
Duration: 36 months


Summary For any IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), pre-IMS, or combined network, the key enabling function for seamless mobility and service continuity among a variety of mobile/wireless access technologies supporting IP connectivity is the handover. HURRICANE focuses on the key R&D challenge of investigating, designing, implementing, validating and proposing for standardization inter-system handover operations among various cooperating radio networking environments (3G, WLAN, WIMAX and DVB), in accordance with near-future business cases relevant to both of broadcasters and telecom operators in the context of a Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) communications environment. HURRICANE is going to assist various standardization efforts in shaping an optimized handover operational framework, towards the realization of next generation networks, an area where Europe has to maintain a key leadership role. 

The project will put emphasis: at (i) enhancements to the handover mobility management functions proposed by different standardization bodies, so as to support technologies with unidirectional physical links in an optimized way and (ii) the key building blocks required for separating media independent from media dependent handover functionality. Software modules implementing the said enhancements and building blocks will be deployed at both the terminal and network sides and subsequently will be validated at actual testing sites. With respect to the terminal side, the project will strive to employ commercial multimodal terminals with open operating systems. For the network side, appropriate servers supporting the proposed HURRICANE handover operations will be deployed at selected network nodes, taking care to include all networking technologies relevant to the project. Moreover, the project will develop appropriate business modelling tools, to demonstrate how the HURRICANE handover advances could be exploited by telecom operators and broadcasters in the FMC market.