Services Provision Laboratories

Within the scope of its mission of creating technological advances for the benefit of society, the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” has developed a wide range of services which have grown out of the multidisciplinary research conducted in the fields of Nanotechnology, Nuclear Physics, Energy and the Environment, Biosciences and ICT.

These services, through the efficient use of the Demokritos infrastructure, enhance the natural and working environments of the population, as well as the available health services. They also provide a crucial link between industrial needs and cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

This section presents an overview of the Research Centre’s current capabilities, the unique infrastructure of our 35 service labs, and the various areas of expertise of the NCSR Demokritos staff.

Accredited Laboratories

- Mass Spectrometry and Dioxin Analysis Laboratory
- Environmental Research Laboratory 

- Immunodiagnostics Laboratory 
- Laboratory of Radioisotopes & Radiopharmaceuticals 
- Human Tissue Bank Laboratory 
- Stable Isotope Unit 
- Laboratory of Health Physics, Radiobiology & Cytogenetics 
- Laboratory of Solar & Other Energy Systems 
- Laboratory of Environmental Analysis 
- Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory 
- Laboratory of Helium Liquifier 
- Animal House
Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Microsystems 

Services Provision Laboratories Catalogue

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Services Provision Laboratories per Institute