Press Release
Athens, 26 April 2013

Successful completion of the first stage of the
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest "TEDMED BioBiz"

On Monday April 22nd 2013, the first stage of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest "TEDMED BioBiz", a TEDMEDLiveAthens initiative in cooperation with the NCSR “Demokritos”, was successfully completed.

In this contest, researchers based in Greece, who have designed a mature product in their lab but do not have the know-how in order to commercialize it, were invited to participate. The researchers that filed the best twelve ideas had the opportunity to participate in an educational workshop and present their business ideas to mentors-entrepreneurs from the field of biosciences in an event that took place at the Congress Center of the NCSR “Demokritos” on April 22nd.

More specifically, Mr. Michael Sinodinos, Head of International Business Development at BIOAXIS Healthcare, presented the general business concepts for founding a start-up company. Mr. Nikos Karianakis, Advisor at the Department of Entrepreneurship of SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, explained SEV’s activities in the course of supporting innovative entrepreneurship. On the same page, Mr. Costas Kokkinoplitis, Business Development Consultant at Bionian Cluster and Former General Secretary for Research and Technology, presented the main strategic pillars of Bionian Cluster. Also, Mr. Ben Matteo, CEO at the biotechnology company EOS Neuroscience, spoke about innovative entrepreneurship activities in the field of biosciences.

Moreover, three successful bioscience entrepreneurs, Dr. Athanasios Demiris, Research and Development Director at Micro2Gen, Dr. Leonidas Alexopoulos, Co-founder of ProtATonce Ltd, and Apostolos Apostolakis, Co-founder of Openfund, Doctoranytime, e-food και e-shop, gave examples of their business activities in Greece. Finally Dr. Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, Director and President of the Board of Directors of the NCSR “Demokritos”, referred to the major role of exploiting the knowledge produced in Greek research centers, in order to transform research and innovation in entrepreneurship.

Following the educational workshop, the twelve research groups, presented their research-business proposals to the mentors: Dr. Stefanos Nitodas, Research and Development Director at Glonatech, Dr. Thodoris Anagnostopoulos, social entrepreneur, co-founder and curator of TEDMEDLive Athens and founder of NGO “SciCo”, as well as Mr. Matteo, Mr. Synodinos, Dr. Demiris, Dr. Alexopoulos and Mr. Apostolakis.

The 30 researchers-participants received practical advice and had their proposals evaluated based on their comparative advantage and investment potential. The research groups that received the best evaluations will make it to the next stage of the contest. In the second stage, that will take place around July 2013, the scientists will have the opportunity to present their improved business plan to foreign venture capital firms from the field of biosciences.

It’s worth noting that researchers and mentors recognized the large need for scientists to undergo training in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as specialized training in the fields of economy, market and competition.

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