TASS:  Total Airport Security System


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In a sentence: An innovative solution for entire airport security monitoring  
Web-Site: http://www.tass-project.eu/   
Identifier: FP7-Theme 10-Security-241905
Duration: 48 Months
Project Overview:

TASS is a multi-segment, multi-level intelligent surveillance system, aimed at creating an entire airport security monitoring solution providing real-time accurate situational awareness to airport authorities. The TASS concept is based on integrating different types of selected real time sensors & amp: sub-systems for data collection in a variety of modes, including fixed and mobile, all suitable for operation under any environmental conditions.
TASS divides the airport security into security control segments, i.e. environmental, cargo, people, airplanes, vehicle-fleet & amp, facilities. Each of them being monitoring by various technologies that are fused together, creating a multisource labyrinth fusion logic enabling situational and security awareness of the airport anytime and anywhere.

The TASS consortium consists of 3 main end users representing 16 airports and 16 technological partners, which bring together European SME’s, industrial and academic partners, ranging from sensor design and electronic communications through to civil airport protection. The technologies will be tested at 3 airports including the hub airport Heathrow, an Israeli domestic airport and Athens airport, in order to cover a wide range of needs at different levels of airport protection. The main test at Heathrow airport will involve scenarios including 2 connected to the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London ultimately resulting in a high smooth passengers flow.

Leader in charge: Dr. S.C.A. Thomopoulos