High-impact Research for the benefit of the society


The National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” is a Public Research Institution founded upon the very principle of freedom to explore while safeguarding the ethical integrity and the openness of Research. In today’s Greek Society Demokritos has a very special role. Its entire operation encompasses the fact that the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge enhances the global strength and impact of the community, and directly benefits the well being of the citizens educationally, culturally and financially.


A mission to discover


Driven by the talent and dedication of its people, Demokritos strives for the truth through scientific discovery. In accomplishing its mission, Demokritos pioneers cutting-edge research in Physical Sciences; Educates young researchers and nourishes their ideas and efforts; Supports innovationdriven entrepreneurship disseminating the technological advances; Fosters close and long-lasting collaborations with the Industry in Greece and globally; Communicates scientific knowledge to the society and expertly advices the State on issues of technological criticality.

Georgios Nounesis