Agia Paraskevi, 29 April 2014

NCSR Demokritos and the Research Project CyanoWater are organizing a Workshop: Cyanotoxins in Fresh Waters Advances in Analysis, Occurrence, Treatment on Monday, May 5th  (9:00 – 16:00) in NCSR Demokritos Conference Center, Ag. Paraskevi Attikis.


Cyanotoxins comprise a large group of potent toxins (e.g. peptides, alkaloids, amino-acids) produced by cyanobacteria that are common in surface waters and tend to form blooms in lakes and other freshwater bodies. Exposure through drinking or bathing in waters containing cyanotoxins can seriously affect human and animal health: cyanotoxins may damage the liver, kidneys, central nervous system or may cause respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. Cyanotoxins are now recognized as an important emerging threat for water resources by WHO, USEPA and other authorities.

The subject of this Workshop is of interest to those involved in the general field of water quality and it is interdisciplinary, involving analytical chemistry, biology, toxicology, ecology as well as life and environmental sciences. Advances in the analysis of cyanotoxins, their presence in natural waters, their health effects and advanced water treatment processes for their removal will be presented by recognized experts and researchers in the field (Prof. Dionysios Dionysiou - Univ. Of Cincinatti, USA, Dr. Jussi Meriluoto - Abo Akademi, Finland, Prof. Zorica Svircev - Univ. Of Novi-Sad, Serbia, Dr. Anastasia Hiskia, Dr Theodoros Triantis – NCSR Demokritos, Prof. Nikolaos Thomaidis, Univ. of Athens, Dr. Triantafyllos Kaloudis – EYDAP SA) as well as by doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. In addition, a special session will be dedicated to prospects and opportunities for research, development and scientific jobs in the field, especially for graduate students, young scientists and early-stage researchers.

Admission to the Workshop is free and certificates of attendance will be offered to participants.

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Nanomaterial-Based Catalytic-Photocatalytic Processes and Environmental Analysis
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